I will definitely try this recipe as soon as I get to the store and buy several ingredients. Just looking at the items listed, I know this will be delicious. Many thanks, Vikram!

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Hi friends, this is my second delicious home recipe that I hope you will love to try. As earlier I told I am a passionate cook. I am a vegan for last 8 years. When I left eating non-veg  my friends joked, “he is going to eat grass”! I laugh them back. I was 17 when I realized becoming a vegetarian gives me self-satisfaction.

I can prepare most of the Indian vegetable dishes, around 35 recipes.  This is an easy 15 minutes recipe, quick to prepare and very delicious!

I hope all the items I discussed here is easily available in any local market. I am trying to put all the item names in English, if you are not getting the names, just feel free to ask me. Thanks!

Ingredients: (Serving 2) 

5 baby potatoes, (peeled)

50 gm fresh green peas,

200 gm fresh cauliflower, (cut into fine pieces)

3 tsp olive oil,

2 red chillies,

1 small onion, (finely chopped)

2 tsp…

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