Double Chocolate Cheesecake

I was doing okay…until I saw this double chocolate cheesecake! Oh my!

Things My Belly Likes

Most people will be waking up today and thinking about new year’s resolutions.

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2 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Cheesecake”

  1. A killer dessert. This late at night. I haven’t eaten for hours. Need a break. I love cheesecake. In fact, I learned how to bake over the holidays. One thing. A double pumpkin cheesecake. Nothing else I can back. That recipe I would love to learn how to bake. Resist the temptation. Hi! Thanks for stopping by the secret keeper. Happy New Year. And thanks for reblogging that image. I will be back. jk

    1. That’s how I learned to bake, Jennifer…one recipe at a time. The more times we try, the better we get at it. Thank you for following my blog. I really enjoy yours. Happy New Year!

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