With absolute clarity, vision and excitement, you nailed it, Aisha! Blessings and thank you!!

aisha north

Time is rolling by faster and faster, and for many, this will bring with it some rather interesting events. For we say, have not the hands of time started to act in some rather inaccurate ways recently? Have you seen how the hands of time seem to stand still one moment, while they seem to have skipped a beat or two the next? Do you lose count of the days, and do you have a hard time placing events in a linear sequence? Do you feel like you have been transported back in time, to a time in your life when you were much younger than today? And do you feel like you are growing younger while your body seems to be the same old? Well, all of these and other occurrences like it, are just a sure signal that you have entered what some may call the twilight zone…

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