Many thanks for this, Daryl. I’ll even hold the door open for them…



Personally, I would endorse the secession of this fucking cesspool of a state in a heartbeat. Racially driven madness of 1960’s Meridian, Mississippi, as well as the dead bodies of three civil-rights student workers, who lost their lives in the shit hole known as Neshoba County(6/21/1964), has done NOTHING to move their modern day chromosomal abnormalities,posing as blood relatives toward any definition near normal. I wish it could be lawful for the POTUS to create, and sign an executive order that would send these kissing cousins to Costa Rica along with every conservative’s  favorite babbling, block of blubber-Rush Limbaugh. I thought this prescription drug- addicted flotsam had threatened to forever float on if -President Barack Obama was successful in implementing the Affordable Health Care Act? 

They killed a nigger, one Jew, and a white man. I gave them all what I thought they deserved.”-Federal…

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