An excellent rant on the idiocy in America, from my friend The ObamaCrat. I can’t agree with him more. As an educated, go by the rules, love my family African American, I am disgusted to see that racism in AmeriKKKa never went away. My grandmother who was the last in our family born in slavery was right when she told me: Always vote, even when you doubt good will come of it. Always work until you can’t. Always look out for your people because this white country won’t. I would love to leave this country too. It is no place for decent people. Heck, it’s no place for animals.

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.






Today’s events in this place we call America, home to us 311 plus million Americans, has made me slowly crawl onto this dusty old creaky soapbox.



Life In The United States Of America:

Lets start with this great nation we live in. The United States Of America. Which is NOT United at all. On Anything. Common sense seems to be anything but common among Americans.

We live in a nation which happens to be the richest/wealthiest, is among the most advanced, is considered one of the best place for resources in education. Yet we in America have the most poverty, homelessness, hunger and less health care coverage….of any so called developed nation on the globe.


To be totally honest, I am ashamed and disgusted by many Americans. I hate living in America, at this time and place, except for…

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