Keep Spiders Away With Peppermint Oil

Did you know spiders don’t like peppermint?

Seek out natural remedies for pests so you don’t poison yourself as well.


8 thoughts on “Keep Spiders Away With Peppermint Oil”

  1. Does this really work? I spend 100’s of dollars a year on spider prevention chems for the house. The neighbor had a “spider tree”(no idea what it was, ugly, ugly tree that was covered in webs constantly) that was removed last year, and my goodness, the spiders are non stop. If this works, I will definitely try it.

    1. Yes, it has worked for me. I soak cotton balls with peppermint oil and stick them in the inside of doors coming into the home. For corners and inside the home, I use the spray. I also grow peppermint around the garden. It spreads and will overtake the yard, so best to put it in pots to control. Keeps rodents away as well.

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