Black History Month highlights Rosa Parks. Many thanks for this excellent report, The Real Daryl!



Rosa Parks, Revisited –

Thank God for this woman and the indomitable spirit that resided inside her body. Charles M. Blow‘s excellent piece in the link above, dispels the misconception that Rosa Parks’ front- seat in Civil Rights history, was earned from being merely overly tired from work. Mrs.Parks, was actually tired, of being tired, concerning racial discrimination. The moment she refused to give up her seat to the shit-kicking, sociopathic, backwoods, brand of bullshit, known as racism-was not by accident. Parks had spent most of her life counteracting attempts by Jimbo, and Jethro, to deem her, her family, and her people as inferior. The spirit of this brave woman resonates throughout every word written by Blow. ~Daryl


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