When I lived by the beach, my husband and I would sit for hours watching the waves. So peaceful and therapeutic.

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Taking my own wise advice has sometimes presented a problem. While I can be quick to dole it out and demonstrate how important it is to relax, listen, pull back, meditate, and basically enjoy life, I somehow drop the ball myself. Each day brings a challenge as I constantly remind myself of my own rules and philosophies – one of them being don’t be too hard on yourself!

Well I managed, while on vacation to completely submerge myself in nothingness. My phone was off. There was no WIFI connection. Not even a camera being toted around. I spent 11 days letting the southern January wind blow through one ear and out the other. In fact my head was so clear that I accomplished absolutely nothing. Almost nothing. I do admit to carrying a couple of pieces of paper and a pencil as a just in case so while sipping Spanish…

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