I hope everyone will sign this petition. It will benefit us all and stop the gouging. Many thanks to Michaelle at Motley News for her great work on this.

Motley News, Photos and Fun

I have created a petition on the Whitehouse.gov website in their section called, “We the People.” Here anyone is allowed to create any petition they wish. When the petition reaches 100,000 signatures in 30 days, then the White House will review and at least respond to the petition. It used to be 25,000 signatures, but thanks to every Billy-Bob that petitioned for the state to secede from the Union, the White House had to increase the number of signatures. I do not necessarily believe that miraculously this petition would be placed before Congress, but at least it catches the attention of both governmental and civilian that we are aware of the profits and exports of fuel and we demand regulation and reform.  

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