Holiday Peace…just for today?


I heard the Pope is calling for world peace today and many in the nation, including politicians are going to church today to celebrate Easter. My husband and I don’t celebrate holidays. We believe they are man-made and commercialized for the banks and corporations to get people to spend money they would otherwise not. 

Having grown up in the church and graduated from a Christian university, I wasn’t always this way — jaded toward holidays and religion. But life and learning stepped in. Buying special news clothing, toys and goodies for the children at times when I didn’t have the money put undue stress on me. Giving money to the church; buying endless gifts for family, friends and teachers; attending parties for everyone kept me broke and frazzled. For over 30 years — my child rearing years — I was usually stressed and running like a chicken without a head trying to make ends meet to keep up with the dictates of society while trying to put food on the table. Much of the stress left me when I met my husband and he convinced me to get off the nightmare-go-round of the holy days (holidays).

The wealth and criminality of many churches and corporations says they are anything but holy, peace-filled and worthy of our money and attention. Many of these churches — The Vatican as an example — have their hands bloody from instigating wars and teaching their congregations they are necessary — not to mention their pedophilia and sex scandals. When our soldiers return from these wars of convenience and fabrication battered and broken, these institutions are nowhere to be found to help them.

This is not to put a wet blanket on anyone’s celebrations and festivities. It is just a way to say how we saved ourselves. Rather than practice peace and be nice to everyone on Easter Sunday, we do our best to practice this every day (trust me…it ain’t easy). I do this by staying politically engaged (it’s a civic duty, you know!) to fight against wars, corruption and encouraging others to vote and know who to vote for. Rather than buy mindlessly from the very corporations who are ruthlessly working against our basic needs (jobs, education, health, food, air, water, environment), I grow half of my own organic food and am careful who I buy from. I avoid corporations like the plague. I use gas sparingly, driving only one day a month to shop. We plan to go off grid this year. 

This day that is a man-made holiday, we plan to spend the day in the garden, planting seeds for food to harvest late summer and fall. Food that is unpolluted and will help nourish our bodies. We will end the day with a home cooked meal — produce grown from our yard — and a glass of wine, a game of dominoes and good music. 

That’s the plan and the best use of our time as we create our own holiday with meaning for our particular lives. ♥


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3 thoughts on “Holiday Peace…just for today?”

  1. Easter, like you was celebrated when I was young as a church going, religious event. Many years ago as I saw so much hypocrisy I started celebrating it as a passing of seasons; a renewal. I am happy to be able to say Happy Easter to those who cherish and celebrate the day as reminder of Jesus and his ‘renewal’ but (without the wet blanket) I agree with you and certainly understand your post here. Peace to you this day and forward.

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