Your help needed to FREE THE IRP6

Free the IRP6

These 6 businessmen have been tried, convicted and imprisoned all because they invented a software program the federal government and the “big boys”, such as IBM, wanted. These 6 businessmen are now in prison, snatched from family and their lives, for being brilliant and following their American dream.

I am asking you to to TAKE ACTION and/or blog about this injustice done these 6 men. This subject may be off topic from what you normally blog about. The reality is this could happen to you, me and anyone who stands up to the United States Government and our corrupt judicial system. No One Is Safe.


Here’s the story


How you can help

The cost to gain the freedom for Gary, David, Clinton, Demetrius, Kendrick and Dave is staggering. While the attorneys are working pro bono, the money the defense needs to prepare this case could easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please consider making a contribution and tell your friends and others interested in this case to help us, if they can.

Visit the link for contacting the Colorado Governor, Attorney General, Colorado Senate and House. Sample letters are provided.





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