George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin never struggled on the ground

Exactly. The wounds were self-inflicted and there was no struggle. I have no reason to believe otherwise and neither did the jury. The entire case was a farce and rigged. The only reason GZ was arrested was because of Al Sharpton stepping in to demand it.

The most effective use of our time right now is to attend the biggest march in DC on August 24. We will address justice, freedom and equality…all the issues plaguing this nation. Plan to attend and spread the word.

Register for the March in DC on August 24

Social Action 2014

“As myself and a caller were discussing last Friday night on BTR News, Neither George Zimmerman or Trayvon’s clothing showed evidence of the life or death struggle Zimmerman claims occurred. I am also more inclined to believe that his little scratches and bloodied nose were self inflicted or inflicted by accomplices. However, it is not relevant to disproving Zimmerman’s story about struggling while on his back and the witness who said he saw Zimmerman on his back lied. Grass, wet or dry, leaves grass stains, concrete tears up clothing or leaves visible marks.” – Scotty Reid, Black Talk Radio News

“Notice the state of Florida prosecuting attorneys did not attack the absence of signs of the struggle Zimmerman lied about. What does that mean? It means that the prosecution intentionally underperformed with the intent of a not guilty verdict. The prosecution even conceded the lie of Zimmerman being on the…

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