Republicans Hold America Hostage – ‘Government shutdown looms over ObamaCare’

The GOP treasonous, racist behavior must stop. It is destroy this nation. Join me August 24 in DC to march for justice, freedom and equality. Over 1 million are scheduled to attend the biggest march in the history of this nation. Join us and tell others so we can make it even bigger.

The Last Of The Millenniums


‘ObamaCare is at the center of a rapidly escalating fight that threatens to shut the government down this fall’.

‘Senate Republicans, including two members of the leadership, are coalescing around a proposal to block any government funding resolution that includes money for the implementation of the 2010 Affordable Care Act’.

‘In the House, 64 Republicans have signed onto a letter pressing Boehner not to bring any legislation funding ObamaCare to the floor’.

‘Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), the leader of the Senate effort, predicts the vast majority of the Senate Republican Conference will back his plan, giving him enough votes to sustain a filibuster of a stopgap spending measure’.

“This is the last stop before ObamaCare fully kicks in on Jan. 1 of next year for us to refuse to fund it,” Lee said Monday on “Fox and Friends.”

“If Republicans in both houses simply refuse to vote for any continuing…

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2 thoughts on “Republicans Hold America Hostage – ‘Government shutdown looms over ObamaCare’”

  1. Many humble thanks for the reblog.
    And before or after going to the march, go to your Representatives or Senators ‘town hall’ meetings and ask questions…and demand answers.
    Use the same tactic the teabaggers used to disrupt Democratic town halls everywhere.

    1. Excellent advice, Father Kane. If we’re going to get out of the mess the GOP has put us in, it will take all of us fighting this battle by marching, asking questions, demanding answers (as you have said), voting in local/state/federal elections — all of them — and spreading the word. The days of leaving it to someone else to do our part are over. Many thanks.

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