October 1st Starts ObamaCares…DO YOU Even Know What ObamaCares IS? Read To Get Informed.

My insurance premium will go from around $560 a month to $125 a month, after Obamacare. With a pre-existing condition, I can now afford to get the healthcare I need. Depending on income, many will pay little and some will pay nothing. Please tell your family, friends, contacts and everyone about this. They deserve to know too. Many thanks Mr. J.B. !!!

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.



Turn off Duck Dynasty. Pause The Kardashians. Stop watching them silly ass Housewives & Get away from Scandal & Supernatural for just a moment.


October first starts the legendary Affordable Health Care Act. Do YOU even know what that is? No? I’ll bet you know what those five TV shows are listed above don’t you?


Time to get informed about what directly effects YOU….cause Lord knows those five TeeVee shows have no effect on your life what so ever.


This web site is invaluable for learning information on ObamaCares……

ObamaCare Facts: Obama’s Health Care Reform





Health Reform Hits Main Street


Uploaded on Sep 23, 2010

Confused about how the new health reform law really works? This short, animated movie — featuring the “YouToons” — explains the problems with the current health care system, the changes that are happening…

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