Comprehensive information on ACA aka Obamacare. ACA is designed to help the middle class. The rich can afford the best of care. The poor have access to care. But it is the middle class who will go into debt and be devastated by health care costs. Get the facts here and save this link for reference.

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.






By Dr. Corey Hebert

Dr. Hebert is available for interviews and speaking engagements on this topic and more.  Email us at: info@blackhealthtv.com


– See more at: Download OBAMACARE MADE SIMPLE(R)!




Dr. Corey Hebert and a few colleagues have assembled this document from the best internet sources in an attempt to explain the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare”. As physicians in support of the ACA, we felt very strongly that we should try to explain the high points and some obscure details with the hopes of making the general public more aware of the actualities of the plan.  There was also a need for debunking the myths of Obamacare so this was addressed as well.  This document is a compilation of many citations and references from print sources and internet portals, and is NOT intended for publication for…

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