What Sunshine State? 18 WTF Things That Happened In Florida This Year (LIST)

What is wrong with Florida?

Global Grind

Tampa Prepares For Republican National Convention And Potential Hurricane

It may be sunny, it may be home to the Heat, and the beaches may be beautiful, but Florida is far from perfect.

In fact, it’s a shit show. Between guns, arrests, shootings, sinkholes, and crazy laws, the botched presidential election of 2000 (thanks to Florida) has nothing on the new Florida “fuckery” of 2013.

With all the WTF stories coming out of the state this year, we decided to round up a few to prove our point. And in the end, we’ve concluded — Florida is to us what Meg is to Family Guy.

Harsh? Maybe. But take a look at all that Florida had to offer us this year (fuckery placed in no particular order).

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty In Death Of Trayvon Martin

We can’t mention the great state of Florida without mentioning former neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. Between being acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin in Sanford, being pulled over numerous times post-acquittal…

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2 thoughts on “What Sunshine State? 18 WTF Things That Happened In Florida This Year (LIST)”

  1. I know Florida has always been a very racist place, as are all states in the U.S. (thinking back to the white violence against Black people simply for going to the beach & shutting them out of Churches in St. Augustine, disenfranchisement and discarding of Black votes in the fiasco that was the 2000 presidential election, and of course the destruction of the the town of Rosewood in the earlier part of the last century), but the past two years have unfortunately surpassed my wildest expectations. This state is closely rivaling Mississippi for most overtly racist state in the nation!

    1. Thank you for the first hand account, Caleb. I think it is shocking to even some racists who really had no idea how far their hatred goes. Let’s hope everyone gets to the polls this year to VOTE and take others with them.

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