BridgeGate: Governor Of New Jersey, Chris Christie, Is Finally In Deep Doo-Doo.

I’m enjoying the fall of Chris Christie. A known bully, liar and snake. His time has come. Many thanks to THE OBAMACRAT for this comprehensive account of the scandal.

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.




Bridgegate: Messages tie Chris Christie aide to George Washington Bridge lane closures


By ANGELA DELLI SANTI Associated Press


TRENTON, N.J. – January 8, 2014 (WPVI) — A political dirty-tricks investigation of Gov. Chris Christie’s inner circle broke wide open Wednesday with the release of emails and text messages that suggest one of his top aides engineered traffic jams in a New Jersey town last September to punish its mayor.


An “outraged and deeply saddened” Christie responded by saying he was misled by his aide, and he denied involvement in the apparent act of political payback.


The messages were obtained by Action News, The Associated Press, and other news organizations Wednesday amid a statehouse investigation into the whether the lane closings that led to the tie-ups were retribution against the mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing Christie for re-election last fall.


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