Police Castrate Honor Student During Stop and Frisk


The Progressive Cynic

© Josh Sager – January 2014

On January 7th, Darrin Manning, a 16-year old honor student at Philadelphia’s Mathematics, Civics & Sciences Charter School, was the victim of what is undeniably the most horrifying “stop and frisks” on record. After being stopped by the police for no valid reason, Manning was “frisked” so hard that they ruptured one of his testicles, rendering him sterile.


This terrible injustice began on the afternoon of January 7th, when Darrin Manning and a few of his friends from his school’s basketball team were walking home after practice—it was brutally cold (the polar vortex was hovering over the city and the “high” temperature of the day was a blistering 14 degrees) and they were bundled up in scarves and gloves provided by their school.

During the ten minute walk from the school to the subway, police saw Manning and his friends—a…

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