THIS Is How Barack Rolls: Costco Lanham, Maryland And U.S. Steel Irvin Plant West Mifflin, Pennsylvania.

I’m so glad President Obama recognized Costco for their good employee wages and business sense. I shop almost exclusively at Costco because they work hard to do right by the employees, customers and environment. They have been transitioning to “made in America” products, which is very important to me. Thank you for this post, Mr. JB. 🙂

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.



In the morning, the President will visit a local Costco in Lanham, Maryland in Prince George’s County. While in Lanham, the President will tour Costco and deliver remarks to highlight the importance of raising the federal minimum wage for all Americans and reiterate his commitment to working with Congress to pass the Harkin-Miller bill.


Following his trip to Maryland, the President will travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, arriving at Pittsburgh International Airport .


While in Pittsburgh, the President will visit the United States Steel Corporation Irvin Plant in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. The President will tour the plant and deliver remarks to highlight the retirement policies highlighted in the State of the Union Address.


In the afternoon, the President will return to Washington, DC. departing from Pittsburgh International Airport and arriving on the South Lawn




Remarks by the President on Minimum Wage

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