Before you comment…

I am an Obama supporter. After reading all I could about him, studying his presidency, leadership and accomplishments for the past 8 years, I support him 100%.

If that upsets you, or rubs you the wrong way or makes you scared, too bad. I am too old and knowledgeable at this point in life to entertain ignorance at this point. If your comment adds nothing to the topic, it will be removed. If you continue to leave nonsense, you will be reported to WordPress as a troll.

Might I suggest you find another blog that better serves your beliefs to read and follow.

Don’t attempt to leave racist comments on MY blog, they go straight into the trash can and are reported.


[Thank you, ObamaCrat…I borrowed your words. :)]

Get the facts about Romney’s false attacks

ObamaCares for ALL Americans

A 92-year old retired judge and military man says it best, comes out for Obama



9 thoughts on “Before you comment…”

  1. That damned Obamacrat again huh? He’s everywhere- He’s everywhere.
    Hey Greetings Marion,
    Welcome to AMS and I love your work as well. Hard hitting and no holds barred is the way I like it and you fit the bill. I must admit that I have stolen a few words from “His Eminence” as well. I love the guy and I follow everything he writes and most of what he posts. He is a real warrior of words in the battle to save this country from Fascism.
    So; I’m outta’ he’ah. Talk soon.

    Barack the vote

    1. Yes, Obamacrat is everywhere, I tell you…LOL! I follow him as well. Love your work and style as well. We will fix this mess by getting the word out and not mincing words. No time for games. The gloves are off. πŸ™‚

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