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Kp Message… “A Few Notes about ‘How Things Are Going'”

We are on our way!!!

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This message is simply to let all know that all is going to work out for humanity. It’s all going to be “okay”. We are going to “win”.

This is not exactly a “game”, but no matter what you call it, there is a process in place, a “game”, if you will, that is rigged… “Rigged” meaning that we will win. Whatever exactly “win” means for each, it is going to happen.

Although the process started quite a long time ago (and you might point to the Harmonic Convergence, or any and all those other dates people talk about), the “game” is rigged. It’s rigged… for us… to win.

It’s all happening right now. All around us. The flailing about of “cabalites”, they’ve lost “the election”, and all this and all that. Bottom line, they (“cabalites”) are broke. They’re out of the money (Federal Reserve Notes), they’re out…

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