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What a year was 2012

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What a year!

Racism. Prejudice. Fear. Hatred.

Death and Destruction. Voter Suppression.
Natural Disasters. Handgun and Assault Carnage.
Lying Politicians. Jealousy. Envy. Incompetence.
Selfishness. Murder and Mayhem. War On Women.
War On LGBT Community. Homophobia. Islamophobia.
Homelessness. Bigotry. Fear.
War On Veterans. Cuts To Food Stamps (TANF).
Welfare. Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid.
Disability/Troop Benefits. Tax Cuts For Millionaires /Billionaires.
Corporations Are People. Tax Increases On Poor/Middle Class.
N.R.A. Idiocy. Fast and Furious Lies. Benghazi Fiasco.
Global Warming Denied. Missing Exploited Murdered Children.
Women’s Rights Denied. Americans Massacred.
Fiscal Cliff. Government Waste. Do NOTHING Congress.
Obstructionist TeaTardedRepubliCANTS.
Saints Disgraced. Birtherism.
Jerry Sandusky. RepubliCANT Primary Fiasco.
British Petroleum. X.L. Keystone Pipeline.
Fracking. Union Busting.
The Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney Family. Romnesia.
Lyin Paul Ryan. Ted Nugent. Meatloaf. Grover Norquist.
Karl Rove. Conservative Talk Radio. Faux Spews (Fox News).
Wall Street. Wells Fargo. Bank Of America. Citi Corp.
Record Foreclosures. Occupy Wall Street
Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Abortion Clinics
Defunding Planned Parenthood. Legitimate Rape.
Attacking The First Family. Gas Prices. David Petraeus.
The 47% “MITTstake”. Bain Capital.
Clint Eastwood Speaks To An Empty Chair. Todd Akin.
Sandy Hook Elementary School. Sikh Temple,
Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Aurora, Colorado.
Clackamas Town Center, Oregon.
Cafe Racer Espresso in Seattle, WA.
Racist Rampage Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis, MN.
Oikos University, Korean College. Oakland, CA.
Chardon High School in Chardon, OH. Syria.
Jordan Davis. Troy Anthony Davis. George Zimmerman.
Micheal Dunn. Janepsy Carballo. Daniel Adkins Jr.
Jamonta Miles. Hernando Torres. Diego Ortiz.
Whitney Houston. Hurricane Sandy.
JP Morgan Chase & CEO Jamie Dimon.
High Gas Prices. Sheldon Adelson. Donald Trump.
Amanda Todd. Michael Clarke Duncan.
Elizabeth Collins. Lyric Cook-Morrissey. Junior Seau.
Lance Armstrong. Tavis Smiley. Cornell West.
To say that I am still reeling from this past year’s events is an understatement. Yet, with all the shocking, horrible, obstructionist, evil actions that hit our nation like a tidal wave, there was plenty of love, courage and a fighting spirit that saw us through this eventful year. Let us all promise to get involved and engaged in 2013 to prevent another 2012 from happening again…or at least keep the man-made events to a minimum.
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Romney loss: Big bucks, but less bang

Romney's campaign team
Romney’s campaign team

The GOP loves money but uses people. It should be the reverse…love PEOPLE, use money. Humanity cannot survive with those values.

I read this morning that Romney spent outrageous sums of money on his campaign staff. He even hired his son as a financial consultant and paid him something like $24 million! Some of his staff will never have to work another day in their lives from what Romney paid them, which is highly questionable what they did for him. His people were in it for the money. I doubt he had much loyalty. He also hired consultants from businesses he and cronies owned, forming incestuous ties.

Obama ran a tighter, leaner, cleaner and loyal operation where the people gave their all to the candidate…and it was a tremendous success…proving you can’t buy love.

They call themselves the party of “fiscal responsibility.” They are anything but that.

This reminds me of the classic Beatles’ song, “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Read the article here, “Romney loss: Big bucks, but less bang.”


Pres. Obama’s approvals spike to highest level since Osama bin Laden’s death

H/t Political Carnival…

A new Quinnipiac University poll has President Obama at his highest approval numbers in three years, since he rid the world of its number one enemy, in fact.

Via The Hill:

Fifty-three percent said they approve of the job the president is doing, compared with 40 percent who said they disapprove. In the previous survey conducted by Quinnipiac, in July, Obama’s approval rating was under water, at 45 percent positive and 49 negative.

Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute:

“President Barack Obama hasn’t had a score this good since his 52-40 percent approval rating May 5, 2011, right after the death of Osama bin Laden.”

As for that pesky fiscal bluff/molehill/crossroads issue, the poll showed people trust the president and Democrats by a wide margin of 53% vs. 36% for the Republicans.

A majority said they believe Obama and the Democrats will make a good-faith effort in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, while a majority said they didn’t expect the same from Republicans.

And there’s broad support for allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for those making more than $250,000 a year, with voters siding with the president 65%-31%.

There was also a sound repudiation of Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge. A whopping 85% thought it was a bad idea, including 77 percent of Republicans, and only 15% supported it.

So after all these polls, when oh when will the GOP finally grasp what’s going on all around them? And when oh when will they truly realize they are imploding?


Tim Wise: White Power is not History



“You’re White, You’re Old, You’re History!” That was one Newsweek writer’s message to the GOP November 10. It’s been a media mantra for weeks.  However, anti-racist activist and author Tim Wise says white power is far from over yet – just follow the wealth.

Great insight from the great man himself.


[Speaking of whites] “You’re no longer the prototype, you’re no longer the model for what America looks like is threatening. If you never had to think about your race, identity or experience, you took that for granted. Now they have to think about it. It was once invisible to you and now has become opaque…now people see you. This is where white folks are right now. They’re being named and seeing themselves for the first time at the center of this. People of color have always seen themselves, but whites have always been invisible.

“There are two paths a white person can take at this point: 1) solidarity with people of color, identifying with similarities (jobs, housing, economics)…or 2) when I feel threatened, rather than finding common cause with those who have always been threatened by the system, I’m going to circle the wagons.

“The concern is they may choose the latter and the next 5 or 10 years can be particularly ugly with a deep seated white nationalism [like apartheid in South Africa until they finally let go], and more overt racism than what we’ve seen in the last 4 years. And those are dangerous people…people who have nothing to lose.”

. . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Angry White Conservatives Mourning Romney’s Loss: Chill Out

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Article…Dear conservatives: The right-wing media machine betrayed you.
 Dear angry white conservatives who are mourning Mitt Romney’s loss…If Fox News is any indication, many of you are dismayed, upset, and befuddled by Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama. Some of these feelings are normal. Politics is tribal. When your team loses, a bit of sadness is expected.

However, some white folks are acting out in some very unhealthy ways. Young white conservatives participated in a near riot at the University of Mississippi, where they hurled rocks at bystanders, used racial slurs, and burned Obama and Biden campaign signs. Other angry white folks used the Internet to  send out racist messages and pictures on Twitter  as an act of protest and anger at the country’s re-election of its first Black president. I believe that these events are malicious outliers.

Many white people who voted for Mitt Romney are simply scared and angry  that a “Black socialist Muslim atheist Communist usurper” was re-elected President of the United States.

Eighty-nine percent of Mitt Romney’s voters were white. Fifty-nine percent of the white vote  went to Mitt Romney.  He also won the majority of white voters in every age and gender group . We live in a country that is racially segregated. The United States is also very polarized politically. At present, Americans are not talking to each other across the dividing lines of race, class, and ideology.

Because many white conservatives only interact with like-minded people who come from the same racial background, it seemed obvious to them that Obama was going to be defeated on election night. With the defeat of Mitt Romney, they are experiencing the universal hurt that comes when reality interjects itself into a dream world and fantasy.  

Many white people are feeling imperiled because President Obama’s win is being framed by the news media as a sign that people of color are gaining political power in the United States. The pundits keep talking about “the browning of America” and how the Republican Party will continue to lose elections if it just relies on white voters to win. I imagine that many white people, especially conservatives and older voters, may be feeling a bit obsolete  as the country changes around them.

But I will tell you things that other people will not; I will tell you the truth even when it makes you upset.

The media wants to scare you with all sorts of talk about how, in a few decades, America will be a “majority minority” country. You “want your country back,” and people mock you for these sentiments. I am a good listener. Other people find joy in your tears and from the sad images of Mitt Romney’s headquarters, Republican rallies, and voters on election night. I feel your pain.

Guess what? Things are going to be okay.

First, we need to admit that many white conservatives have a problem. They are victims. I know that you do not want to hear that word. “Victims” is a word that only the liberals, progressives, Black people, gays, and feminists use.

Please hear me out. We know that most conservatives get their news and information exclusively from Fox News and other types of right-wing media. I get the appeal of this habit: it feels really good to be told that your point of view is correct, and that most of the country agrees with you, even when it does not.

You are very trusting people by nature. As conservatives, you are also very deferential to authority. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the right-wing media have been saying that good white folks like you are being discriminated against by Barack Obama and his legions of black and brown people. There are supposedly groups of Black radicals who stand around outside polling places, looking all mean and angry, and a Black attorney general who hates white people. According to sites like the Drudge Report, there are roving gangs of Black people who live to waylay and beat up white people. Hispanic immigrants are sneaking into the country by the millions and taking your jobs.

Continue reading here

The right-wing media failed you. They lied and told you that Mitt Romney would win in a landslide. They cooked up stories about voter fraud and rigged polls that were biased against Republicans. The right-wing media machine betrayed you, its audience.

I do not have a ready answer. But I do want to help you feel better. I am going to let you in on a secret that Fox News and the Republican party will not share with you.

White people run America. More specifically, white men are the most powerful group of people in the United States. Yes, people who look just like you remain in charge. White men control every major social, political, economic, and cultural institution in the United States. With few exceptions, white men are the CEOs of every Fortune 500 company.

White men control both Hollywood and the mass media. There, approximately 95 percent of the most important positions as writers, directors, advertising, producers, show runners, executives, and the like are held by white men.

This is a great advantage in a country where white men make up 30 percent of the U.S. population.

White men control the United States Congress and Senate. There are now 20 women in the Senate—a record number. But there are no African Americans in the same governing body. There are two Hispanic and Asian senators, respectively. The majority of senior-level and cabinet positions in the federal government are held by white men. White men are also over-represented on the United States Supreme Court.

Yes, it is true that the President of the United States happens to be a Black man; this is a groundbreaking achievement that should not be easily discounted or dismissed. However, Barack Obama has faced unparalleled levels of opposition and resistance from conservatives in Congress—and from many white people in the country as a whole—because of his racial background. While many white folks may not know this, the country’s first Black president has done remarkably little in terms of advancing policy goals that would directly benefit people of color in the United States. In fact, Obama has spoken less about race than any president in 50 years.

Ultimately, Barack Obama is a Black man who is the chief executive of a white government.

White folks have a tendency to see racial progress as a zero sum game : if they feel that they are “losing” then someone else must be ”winning.” In the time of the Great Recession and its aftermath, these anxieties are especially acute. But guess what my friends? Even in the worst economic downturn in 80 years, whites are doing much better than people of color.

…In this poor economy many white people are hurting financially; nevertheless, they are doing much better than people of color.

Because I spend a good amount of time talking to white people, I can anticipate the obvious question. Many of you are likely still thinking about this numbers game, and how white folks are going to be a “minority” in America. Do not worry. White people are still going to be the largest single racial group in this country; you simply may not be the majority of the population.

I have a second secret for you. White folks possess one of the most valuable gifts in the history of the United States.

You are considered “white.”

“Whiteness” is an amazing invention  that has only been around a few centuries. In the United States, it has been something to die for, protect, and kill for. Historically, whiteness is a type of very lucrative property that is handed down through families, and has been protected by the law.

As the comedian  Louis CK smartly observed , being white in America is one hell of a great deal. If offered the choice, he would sign up every year because of all the unearned privileges and advantages that come with it. Whiteness is such a great deal because white folks do not have to actively do anything to benefit from it. However, white people are amazingly protective of this prize—and really careful about whom they let in the club.

For example, the Irish, Italians, Jews, Poles, and other “white ethnics” were once viewed as a type of European “other” at the turn of the 20th century. If history is a guide, racial groups that are now considered non-white will become the new “white” people in the years to come. Whiteness always finds a way to keep on winning and to grow its numbers.

My white conservative friends, these feel like scary times for you. As the country changes, the Republican party is going to have to do some soul searching. You will likely be asked to engage in some difficult conversations about the relationship between your political values and racism. As the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented, white folks are going to be under pressure to surrender to their worse and lesser natures by hate groups, dead enders like the Tea Party, and militia groups who will play on your anxieties about the demographic shifts we are seeing in the United States. If you are smart, patient, and pragmatic, there are voices out there—white conservatives in fact—who are trying to help your movement adapt to the 21st century. Do seek them out. You can get your own house in order, and not live in a state of irrational fear and sadness.

Racism and conservatism do not have to be the same thing in America. Mitt Romney’s defeat should be a wake up call in this regard.

Things are going to be okay. As someone who cares about my white brothers and sisters, I want you all to feel safe, secure, and prosperous. You will see that a changing America, one in which all people have a shot at success across the color line, is to our nation’s collective advantage. A good number of white folks already understand this fact. As such, they chose to vote for President Obama—the candidate who clearly demonstrated the he was best prepared to lead the country forward.  I hope you can come along as we all work together in the service of the Common Good.


This is dedicated to you, Grandma Sallie

This is dedicated to you, my dear Grandma Sallie,

You were the most loving, wise, patriotic grandmother any child could wish for. To me, you were perfect in every way. Your home was always filled with family, friends and food that would blow anyone’s mind. It wasn’t just me who believed that. People came from miles around for your meals. Yet, you were never paid enough for your worth to allow you to move beyond your simple means. So it was and always has been for the majority of African Americans.

I always considered you wealthy, although the truth was the reverse. Your modest home was always clean and no one was turned away. Your home was a salvation for the needy where you collected clothing and funds for family, friends and neighbors. I learned about community service and charity firsthand from you. You never wore makeup, always wore a simple house dress and apron, but I thought you were the most beautiful and smartest lady in the world.  As I grew older, I realized I was right about you. I always felt loved, safe and happy around you.

Your spirit…your spirit…

You were the last in our family born into slavery. I remember your stories of struggle and the pain of our people. You said, “Get your education!” I did. I became a teacher and activist, following what you taught me. Outside of school where I should have learned about slavery which built this nation, I learned the stories were worse than what you told me. I have learned to survive in a country where racism has always been a part of my life to the point where the poison is no longer hidden from anyone. I remember you were patriotic and believed in the good of all people. A picture of JFK hung on your wall for many years.

You told me to vote. Always. You once said it would be nice to have a “negro” president who cared about our people. You said it with hope in our future. I promised you I would always vote…and know who and what I was voting for.

Well Mrs. Sallie E. Hunt, I kept my promise to you. I have always voted since age 18. And for the past 5 years, I dedicated my life to the election and reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president, but more important, possibly the greatest president this nation has ever had. And while our work is hardly over, we are on to a good start to make this country into something you prayed and dreamed of.

Under President Obama, I feel safe, I believe Obama cares, and I face the future with optimism and hope.

And so, I dedicate this song and celebration of the election of President Obama to you, and to all the slaves who struggled and died for a country that used, abused and despised them. It seems the hate never left. But I remember you said to love even the haters because they know not what they do. I will try to remember that part. And I will keep hope alive.

In closing, this song is for you. I know you will always be with me. 

Love you,







Aretha Franklin’s version

Little O and the Hill…Let’s get back to work!!

The brilliant and talented art work of Ron Bryant


A new day has dawned

This was the most difficult 9 years of campaigning Liberals will ever go through again. The changing dynamics of how elections are won is forever changed by Obama’s strategy. Together with Nate Silver (pollster) and Rodell Mollineau of American Bridge (tracker) calling out right wing lies, most of our research work will be done for us activists. Our job will be to continue to educate and share,  but it will never ever be as difficult as the last 9 years of trying to track the lies and convince people they are following the liars. 

I believe the right wing is toast. They can learn Obama’s strategy all they want. However, they will never be able to relate to the people they want to screw because they’ve been exposed. They will resurface and remake themselves. But we will see their stripes under the paint, thanks to the trackers.

The only way to show themselves in a favorable light to voters is to work in the community (as Obama did), volunteer and help the Jane and John Doe’s in this nation. The right wing cannot do that because it goes against their Ayn Rand philosophy of “greed is good” and “you’re on your own.” They don’t care about 90% of the population, the poor, people of color, the middle class, students, women and their bodies, seniors, workers, unions, and veterans. As Romney said, “I don’t worry about the 47%.” Their entire platform and agenda on the campaign stump told us this.

They cannot pretend and they will not recover. They will eventually ignore their “angry old white men” base who are locked and loaded and filled with hate and fear. These men will figure out they were used when the right wing ignores them because there’s no money in it for them. This scam of the GOP is going to rapidly crumble before our eyes.

I hope you all take a long time to celebrate this victory and the President’s re-election. By the end of the year, it will start to sink in just how far-reaching this victory is and how it will impact countless areas of your life in wonderful ways.

This is just the beginning…


~ Marion

Michael Moore: Morning in America

by Michael Moore

Congratulations everyone!!

This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost yesterday. That is amazing in and of itself. And all the women who were elected last night! A total rebuke of Neanderthal attitudes.

Now the real work begins. Millions of us — the majority — must come together to insist that President Obama and the Democrats stand up and fight for the things we sent them there to do. Mr. President, do not listen to the pundits who today call for you to “compromise.” No. You already tried that. It didn’t work. You can compromise later if you need to, but please, no more beginning by compromising. And if the Republican House doesn’t want to play ball, do a massive end run around them with one executive order after another — just like they have done and will do if given the chance again.

We have to have Obama’s back. As he is blocked and attacked by the right, we need to be there with him. We are the majority. Let’s act like it.

And please Mr. President, make the banks and Wall Street pay. You’re the boss, not them. Lead the fight to get money out of politics — the spending on this election is shameful and dangerous. Don’t wait til 2014 to bring the troops home — bring ’em home now. Stop the drone strikes on civilians. End the senseless war on drugs. Act like a pit bull when it comes to climate change — ignore the nuts, and fix this now. Take the profit motive out of things that any civilized country would say, “this is for the common good.” Make higher education affordable for everyone and don’t send 22-year-olds out into the world already in massive debt. Order a moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions. Enact economic policy that will create good-paying jobs and spend the money that’s needed to do that. Make your second term one for the history books.

Finally, thanks must be given to the Occupy movement who, a year ago, set the tone of this election year by getting everyone to talk about the 1 percent vs. 99 percent. It inspired Obama and his campaign to realize that there was a huge popular sentiment against what the wealthy have done to the country and there was something wrong if just 400 rich guys owned more than 160 million Americans combined (all those moochers and bums). This led to Romney’s “47 percent” remarks and THAT was the beginning of the end of his campaign. Thank you Mother Jones forreleasing that secret tape, and thank you to the minimum wage worker who placed a camera on the serving buffet next to the candle. This morning’s headline in the Washington Post says it all: “At Romney headquarters, the defeat of the 1 percent.” Thank you Sandra Fluke for enduring the insults hurled at you and then becoming an important grass-roots leader against the war on women. Thank you Todd Akin for… well, for just being you. Thank you CEOs of Chrysler and GM for coming out forcefully against the Republican(!) candidate, saying he lived in “some parallel universe” when he lied about Jeep. Thank you Governor Christie for your new bromance with Obama. You know, you really didn’t have to!

And you, Mother Nature, with all your horrific damage, death and destruction you caused last week, you became, ironically, the undoing of a Party that didn’t believe in you or your climate changing powers.

Perhaps they’ll believe now.

Once again, thanks to all of you who brought a nonvoter to the polls. In a last-minute effort to get Obama an extra million votes he wasn’t counting on, I enjoyed talking and texting with your loved ones and friends yesterday who weren’t going to vote — but then changed their minds after a little nudge and some TLC (“Damn! Michael Moore? I’m getting in the car right now to go vote”).

To my fellow Americans, I think you’ll agree: it was nice to wake up this morning in the United States of America.

P.S. If you missed them, I think you might enjoy reading my tweets from last night and reliving this historic victory 140 characters at time.

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Here is to the long ride…. And the sunny slopes!

Written by my friend, Sarah…

Today reminds me of a favored saying.

I remember it from when my little sister and I would wake up early, to our parents still sleeping. We would sneak downstairs, grab a bag of Doritos and sit down to watch a VHS of Lonesome Dove with our dog Gus.

In one scene, Texas Ranger Augustus McCrae says, “Well darling, here’s to the long ride and the sunny slopes.”

Yesterday I told you about the flurry in the bridal room on my wedding day. I spoke of certainty, which is important.

Today, with the votes counted… I would like to talk not about something important.

I want to talk about what is MOST important.
It is not love, though love matters.
It is not hope, though hope rules most things.
What stands above all else, is Tomorrow.

The future.
What we do and where we go next.
With love, in hope, and through my own Dorito orange nostalgia, I share with you another moment…this from my wedding day.

The cake was cut. The friends and family were full and happy, and sleepy. I was struggling to hold on to those last moments of that special day with everyone I love and I heard my father asking for attention.

He made a beautiful toast.

He ended with, “Here’s to the long ride and the sunny slopes.” 

At that moment I realized that when I chose my husband, I did more than choose a man.

I chose a journey. I chose a tomorrow. 

Last night, we Americans chose more than a leader. We chose a journey. We chose our tomorrow. 

And so, my readers, do you see where I have taken you?

I have taken you to a particular moment… 
I have gotten your attention and now that I have it – 
I propose a toast. 
To Barack Obama, To America, and to their joyous journey together. I raise my glass to you, to me, to US!
Here is to the long ride…. And the sunny slopes!
~ Sarah