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Security :: Surf the web in privacy

Okay, I’m done with the slow browsing, PC crashes, frozen screens and worrying about security. Comodo Dragon is the way to go. No more Chrome (Google)  or Internet Explorer for me. Since I installed this free program yesterday, I am FLYING! 



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I have tested many of the “Browser versions” of “Firefox” for  awhile now. Who beats them all?  Comodo IceDragon, and I must say among all the other Firefox-based web browsers, builds like Pale Moon, (the most simple build of Firefox) WaterfoxWyzo, orIceweasel etc. This one is actually really good and not only good its a very nice GUI and handles everything with ease, and its SUPER FAST. As most people know todayMozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, so anyone can take its source code and modify it. Various projects have taken Firefox and released their own versions, either to optimize it, add new features, or align it with their philosophy. These projects all have to release the source code to their browsers and can’t call them Firefox or use official Mozilla branding, such as the Firefox logo. But here is the Comodo IceDragon:

As the number of internet threats increases, users are faced with choosing a browser which fits both their security needs and meets their particular browsing necessities. And here in an attempt to meet the different requirements of users Comodo we’re happy to announce the release of the new Comodo IceDragon 14 browser!!! The browser is built on the Mozilla browser core and combines the basic functionality of the original code with the Comodo security features. And it works very well.

As its build number suggests, Comodo IceDragon 14.0 is based on the latest stablebuild — 14.0.1 — of Firefox. What it offers are similar multi-layered security features to that found in Comodo Dragon. That means you can opt for secure DNS settings to help avoid accessing malicious websites (a by-product is also the potential for faster page-loading times).

There’s also the Site Inspector, which can be used to further investigate the legitimacy (or otherwise) of any site you visit, plus a non-security feature in a built-in tool for quickly sharing a page with your social networks.

Version 14.0 introduces a new option for enabling the Comodo Secure DNS feature in IceDragon only. It also integrates Cert Sentry, a new security feature introduced by Comodo as part of its push to improve certificate revocation checking in response to high-profile malware attacks on digital online certificates. There are some user-interface tweaks too in this latest build the Close Tab button has been enlarged, and the background color for inactive tabs has also been changed to improve visibility. It also promises some bug fixes involving internal updating and the interface, and now boasts better compatibility with existing Firefox themes.

Comodo IceDragon 14.0 is a freeware download for Windows XP or later only. To be really honest, it do provides “some” extra security. But mainly IceDragon concentrates on delivering more performance rather than that extra security.

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