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Never turn your nose up at anyone

From DailyKos…

Michelle Obama’s College Roommate Wanted All-White Dorm

There has been much ado about Michelle Obama’s college thesis in which she described feeling like an outsider at Princeton — a black person first, a student second. I understand how she could have felt that way, especially twenty five years ago. After reading a poignant article about Michelle Obama’s first college roommate, I have new insight into the environment that made her feel like a second class student during her college years.

When Michelle Obama’s roommate, born and raised in the South, arrived at Princeton, she was shocked to find herself assigned to share a dorm with a black student. So shocked, in fact, that she called her mother to help her implore the school to move her into another dorm.

The girl’s mother was also shocked and angry. She called the grandmother who suggested the situation was serious enough to warrant pulling the girl out of Princeton altogether.

This was a girl raised by a struggling single mother and against all odds was able to attend Princeton, and her own family felt that she should forgo an ivy league education rather than be subjected to rooming with a black student. I cannot fathom this level of prejudice, but this the account told by the roommate and her family.

When told about the dorm assignment, her mother “stormed down to the campus housing office and demanding Donnelly be moved”:

I was horrified…

I told them we weren’t used to living with black people — Catherine is from the South. They probably thought I was crazy.

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The ignorance, racism and hate in this nation never ceases to shock me, even though I too have dealt with it all my life. It makes me wonder what planet these people are from. Surely they are not of the human race. ~Marion