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16 Healthy and Delicious Weight Watchers Recipes


Via iVillage

Whether you’re following the plan or just want to eat healthier, you’ll love these Weight Watchers-approved recipes. Choose from main dishes, snacks, desserts and more — all point values are included!

The first dish is Chicken with Rice. This one-pot wonder gives you your chicken, veggies and a starch all in one dish — and without tons of fat! A tasty dish made interesting with Saffron and Cilantro. It’s also easy, little time to make, and low calorie. Substitute with sea salt and Basmati Rice to make this heart healthy and more nutritious.

I highly recommend substituting wherever you can. Try these healthy baking substitutes each time you bake or cook. You may be surprised how tasty your meals still come out and how light you will feel.  ♥

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