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Historic Senate Action A Victory for Democrats
by Tracy Knauss

Today’s decision to limit the filibuster is a major victory for our Democratically controlled Senate, for President Obama and for American democracy. The final straw that caused Senator Harry Reid to use the “nuclear option” was Republican obstructionism which blocked four of Obama’s five nominees to the all-important D.C. Circuit Court, a court with privileged powers pertaining to cases involving the Executive and Legislative branches of government. This court has eleven members. Right now it has only eight active judges. Four Republicans and four Democrats. Bush appointed the four conservators on this court. Obama has the right to appoint three more, giving the court a solid Democratic majority on decisions regarding the EPA and even the Affordable Care Act.

So now President Obama will be able to make lifetime appointments to this powerful court and other federal benches as well. This will help swing the pendulum back to the Democrats and the American middle class. No longer can the minority Republican Party stifle the president’s nominees. The promiscuous use of the filibuster was due to the rise of the Tea Party and other radicals with no respect for government. These radicals want to destroy the government and nullify President Obama’s election victory. But today’s historic action in the U.S. Senate will put an end to a lot of that nonsense. It’s nice to see a modicum of reason return to what had been termed “the nation’s most deliberative body.”

Nuclear Option Provides Relief For Dispirited Dems

THE BIGGEST THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY? The Nullification Of A Presidency!
by Benjamin T Moore Jr

Elections *do* and *should* have consequences. Congressional Republicans have been committed to nullifying the Presidency of Barack Obama since the night of his first inauguration. The will of the people be damned! 

Whether you love him or hate him… is *NOT* the point. The office is larger than the man. Unlike our previous President, President Obama was not appointed President by a panel of judges on a court stacked by his daddy. He was duly elected by a majority of the American people. He deserves the opportunity to enact his agenda. He deserves… the American People deserve for him to have his full cabinet filled. He deserves to have his appointments either confirmed or declined.

When one Party – ANY Party – takes it upon themselves to subrogate the collective will of the electorate, replacing it with their own agenda, Democracy dies. We no longer have a Constitutional Republic. What we have becomes an fascist oligarchy which will quickly degenerate into tyranny and despotism.

What Harry Reid did by changing the Senate rules ending the abuse of the procedural filibuster was to strike a blow for Democracy. Don’t be naive! Sequestration and the shutting down of the Government was all designed to deliver a one, two punch to the Affordable Care Act. Both came at a time when the federal government needed resources to launch the program correctly. The timing wasn’t an accident. Now of course, the Republicans are holding hearings to find out why things are going poorly. Republicans need look no further than their own mirror.


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by Benjamin T Moore Jr

“One Of The Biggest Myths Ever Perpetrated On The American People Is This Notion Of A Free Market.” ~ Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

We do not have a free market, never have and never will. For the markets to be *FREE* the following would have to be true:

• Everyone would have to have *equality* of information. 
• Everyone would have to have *equality* of opportunity.
• There would have to be true *competition* between corporate entities. 

This is clearly NOT the case! Representatives and Senators vote on and pass laws that affect the bottom lines of companies they own stock in. Most people would call that, “Insider Trading,” or at the very least, “conflicts of interest.” 

Big businesses are waging war on YOU the consumer. How much profit is enough? I’m no fan of Henry Ford. He supported Hitler and the Nazi regime financially. I will give him this though. He stated that he wanted to build quality cars priced such that the people who assembled them, could afford to buy them. This means, not only was he controlling his price point, but he was paying his workers a salary that allowed them to become his customers. 

When the auto makers needed a bailout. Ford wasn’t one of them. When you factor in their bills and their cost of living, most of the people who work at McDonald’s cannot afford to eat there. 80% of Walmart employees are either on Food Stamps or qualify for Food Stamps. What this means is, we taxpayers are making up the difference between what they’re being paid and what Walmart should be paying them. Meanwhile, Walmart continues to stock its shelves with cheap goods manufactured in China by workers who *might* be making $1.00 an hour. Many are making less. The Walton family are multi-billionaires. If you shop at Walmart, you might as well be cutting your own throat!

A Zero-Sum game is a game in which the only way I can win is if you lose. People who have deluded themselves into believing that spouting the Republican talking points on taxation and capitalism makes them patriots, need to recall the “Pledge of Allegiance.” At no point in that pledge are you vowing fealty to corporate America. You’re vowing allegiance to our Republic. What is best for our Republic is what ought to be of interest to you. 

Corporations are ruining our ecosystem, poisoning our water and air, putting toxins into our food and there are some fools who argue that they shouldn’t be paying any more in taxes. Think about it. How big a fool do you have to be to love your executioner???



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Destroying America In 3 Easy Steps




by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

EVERYTHING THE TEA PARTY AND THE GOP ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT…Were in full swing for 8 years under George Bush. Odd we heard not a peep from them then isn’t it? Wonder what’s changed???

How do you bring down the United States? It is easy!

Destroying America In 3 Easy Steps (here’s how)


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by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

Germany didn’t wake up one fine morning to discover they were under the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler. It was a gradual process. Hitler *seemed* quite sane with the best interests of Germany at heart. Hitler’s first act upon coming to power was not to open death camps. That came later. His was a subtle dance of seduction. Rarely does great evil spring upon a people full blown. It begins as a little cloud in the sky. The weather is beautiful a few days before a hurricane.

We are at a fork in the road. Fortunately, we have the advantage of being able to look at history. I personally do not believe in coincident. Everything that happens is the result of cause and effect. Often the *cause*is plotted and planned in dimly lit, cigar smoke filled rooms. The *effect* is designed to take you by surprise.

We need to decide what type of society we’re going to become. Those who are enlightened and evolved, care little about the ethnic designation of those in charge, we care only about their integrity and competence. We recognize the mutual commonality of humanity. We all share the same needs. Safety, opportunity, a clean environment and being able to educate our children such that each successive generation will surpass the last. We also care about the welfare of our fellowmen. We understand that as a society we are no richer than the poorest amongst us. For us to prosper, we all must prosper together.

Unfortunately, there exists a dark cabal who are more concerned with securing and maintaining power for those of their own ethnic designation. For them, power and control is the objective. If you’ve been paying attention, you can see them sliding the pieces in place to set up a society that does not represent the lofty goals, hopes and dreams of the majority of U.S. Citizens. Rather than pass a Jobs Bill to put people back to work rebuilding our infrastructure, they’d rather take another meaningless vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act which will provide health care for children and poor families. Rather than fund our system of education, they’d rather give away billions in subsides to oil companies that don’t need them.

Though we cannot see the wind, we can mark its passage by the leaves it blows and the grass it bends. Thus it is by looking at the areas receiving their most ardent focus, we can determine their true motives. Look. Pay attention and connect the dots.



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