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The Rise Of The Feudal Lords

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The Rise Of The Feudal Lords

What do you call a system where the will of 90% of the people is ignored? What do you call a system where financial institutions are deemed “too big to prosecute” and are raking in profits while the rest of the country is stagnating in the mess they created? What do you call a system where one party gets one million more votes in an election but loses leadership of the House of Representatives? What do you call a system that allows the theft of people’s homes, even when those people have never missed a payment? What do you call a system that then pays the victims of the theft pennies on the dollar and then those checks are hard to cash?

That system is called an oligarchy, defined by Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary as 1: government by the few 2: a government in which a small group exercises control esp. for corrupt and selfish purposes; also: a group exercising such control 3: an organization under oligarchic control. Boiled down, it’s just a word to describe the actions of people who are doing what the feudal lords of old did to our forbears – only worse. The feudal lords of today aren’t dressed in velvet head-dresses and long flowing robes. They are attired in Brooks Brothers suits. The power they wield is dizzying and they are drunk with it. They OWN this country and any little irritant, like an upstart black guy in the White House or the will of the people, isn’t going to upset their applecart because they hold all the cards and they intend to keep them.

Just like the serfs cowered in front of the lord who could kick them off the plot of land they farmed for him, the citizens of the United States have been kicked out of their homes, watched their retirements evaporate, and stood helplessly by when our Supreme Court endowed corporations with the same rights as individuals, thus dictating who is important and who is not. And now, the Supreme Court is going for an encore in McCutcheon vs. FEC.

…When a small minority dictates policy for the majority, you no longer have a democratic republic. You have an oligarchy and the people who run it, people like the Koch Brothers and Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson, are the ones calling the shots. They keep themselves hidden and send out their lackeys to do the dirty work; those lackeys being people like Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and John Boehner. Those guys want a crack at getting a big piece of the pie from the feudal lords and so they’ll sell you down the river while they look you in the eye and tell you it’s for your own good.

Our system is broken and one wonders if it is beyond repair. When the Attorney General of the United States tells us that the big banks are too big to prosecute, when not one of the fat cat bankers who pushed this country off a fiscal cliff is called to account, when the will of the people for sane and sensible gun laws takes a back seat to the will of the entitled few, then you know we have reached a point in time where we are in danger of losing it all.

The feudal lords use fear and prejudice to divide people. Just look at what happened with the Tea Party. This was a movement that originated in response to the bank bailout. They were angry and they let everyone know it. A lot of liberals were just as angry as all those original Tea Party folks. But the Tea Party has morphed into something else entirely. It didn’t happen because they were all “right wingers.” It happened because they were manipulated by the feudal lords who were behind the scenes and pulling strings. They watched as their puppets danced to their immigrant hating, racist tactics and they loved the great divide. We were already a country deeply scarred by the events of September 11, 2001. We were already at odds with each other about things that heretofore we NEVER would have countenanced, namely war crimes committed by an administration that was composed of oligarchs. Any chance at measured, productive conversation between the two sides is crushed without mercy in a barrage of misinformation geared to widen the gap between people who used to be able to, if not amicably disagree, at least respect that the other side has a right to their opinion. Now it’s just name-calling and shouting and nothing gets done. Which suits the feudal lords just fine because they are getting richer as they continue to steal the wealth of a nation. And those lackeys? When their usefulness is done, they will be turned out just as the serfs who were no longer needed were turned out. In the meantime, the rest of us will be wallowing in the mudpit we have been cast into, arguing about who should be allowed in this country and who shouldn’t.

It’s disgusting, really, how malleable the American public has become. We let it happen. We have allowed the feudal lords to tell us that no matter the cost, we must have our guns because the government is out to get us. They tell us that we have no money, so we must cut police and fire and, their very favorite for the chopping block, education. Education is always the first to be cut and the last to be restored. We are told that women should have no choice and to even think it is tantamount to murder. We are told that climate change is just an unproven theory, even though 97 per cent of the world’s scientists say otherwise. That doesn’t matter to the feudal lords who could care less about an oil spill or a fracking explosion in your back yard. They live in their grand homes, far from the danger and they are so blinded by their own greed that they don’t see that the demise of the environment will mean their demise as well as ours. So they’ll lay down and die covered with thousand dollar bills. But you know what? Dead is dead, whether you’re a prince or a pauper.

The only remedy lies with the people, and I am cautiously optimistic.

…The reason the people in government don’t do our bidding is because we have allowed a system to be put in place that effectively negates our power. People have DIED to protect our right to vote and yet, people stay home in droves on election day.

If you want to take this country back, no matter if you are on the right, on the left or somewhere in between, it is up to you—indeed, it is up to all of us—to stop bickering, to find common ground (because it IS there) and take back our democracy. It has never been easy and sometimes it hasn’t been pretty, but it has always worked. It can work again, but it will take the will of the people to overcome the will and the vast resources of the entitled few. Until then, we must come to terms with the fact that we no longer live in a democracy. We live in an oligarchy where the modern day feudal lords rule and we the people are expendable.

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BEST video ever…Tax the Rich: an animated fairy tale


Best video ever! This one is great to share with your family and friends that just don’t get it. This is a keeper! 🙂



Documentaries That Will Change the Way You View Your World Forever

Most people want to know what is going on in our world. Most people watch the news trying to learn. The problem is corporate news is run by the same corporations that cause all the problems.

So, if you want to educate yourself, these documentaries will help you.


“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” ~ Galileo Galilei 


Flow: For Love Of Water

The Corporation


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Esoteric Agenda

Ring of Power

Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

The World According to Monsanto

America: Freedom to Fascism

One Nation Under Siege

Iraq for Sale

Beyond Treason

Why We Fight

Loose Change: Final Cut

9/11 Revisited

Richard Gage Blueprint for Truth

The Money Masters

The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception

Michael Ruppert’s Collapse

What in the World are They Spraying

Seeds of Freedom


Forgetting Fukushima

“Zero” An Investigation into 9/11

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business 

Dying to Have Known

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Woody Harrelson Presents Ethos

Human Resources

Food Matters


The Greater Good

Genetic Roulette

Vaccine Nation

Food Inc

Forks over Knives

Big Bucks Big Pharma

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

The Drugging of Our Children

In Lies We Trust

What the Bleep Do We Know

Owned & Operated


Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism


Why in the World are They Spraying


A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash

We Become Silent: Last Days of Health Freedom

They Want Your Soul

The True History of the Federal Reserve

Be sure to copy this list and share it with others! Information is Power!

“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” ~ Gloria Steinem


Turning the light on brightly for you…

Video – A War For Your Soul

From Erisai Films…

Reggie Bullock’s short film “A War For Your Soul” is a stirring, inspirational video for today’s generation. Over 10 million internet viewers have watched “A War For Your Soul” in 2 years. The video has garnered praise from mayors, city leaders, youth and civic organizations and almost every major country around the world, sparking dialogue in encouraging adults to play a more active role in educating children.

Popular radio host Michael Baisden said “This is a must see film”.

This video was created to inspire young at-risk African-Americans not to fall prey to some of the problems they face in society. The “Master of Darkness” represents that abstract concept of evil that has the potential to reside in the consciousness of mankind.

The use of the images of Richard Pryor and NAS, were used to show how we have publicly displayed the “N” word over the course of time. Richard Pryor, before his death, had gone on record to publicly denounce his use of the word, and the Rapper NAS ( one of the few socially conscious rappers ) intentions of wearing the jacket had nothing to do with the glorification of the word. I have enjoyed some of Pryor’s masterful story telling and I have also enjoyed some of the thought-provoking music from NAS.

This video should not to be used to divide people (Black and White). 
This video should not be used to criticize all aspects of hip-hop culture.
This video should not be used to allow the rest of society to escape from their responsibility, to help with financial and academic support.

If used properly, this video will allow our youth to see some of the horrific conditions that their ancestors fought through and some of the horrific conditions they face today.

An extensive commentary about the film can be seen at warforyoursoul.com



Marian Robinson: Election 2012 is ‘too important’ to ‘sit on the sidelines’

First lady Michelle Obama applauds with her mother Marian Robinson (R) during the final day of the Democratic National Convention on September 6, 2012 in Charlotte, NC. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

For the last four years, I’ve lived with my daughter, my son-in-law, and my two granddaughters in the White House.  For the most part, most of what we do is pretty normal.  There are the family dinners, the homework sessions with the girls, the school plays and sports games, and best of all – those times when we’re just sitting around, laughing and just being ourselves.

It’s like most families – that give and take, the lessons we learn, the bonds that form as we learn and grow just by being around one another.  Of course, there’s something special about being here in the White House, and it has been an extraordinary privilege to live in this historic home.  But even more than the history, I’ve been thrilled to see firsthand how Barack and Michelle operate not only as parents, but as president and first lady.

Every day, I’m amazed by how hard they work.  Michelle gets up early – most days, even a little earlier than Barack – to get her exercise in.  Then she sees the girls off to school, and dedicates her days to the causes that resonate with her, like helping kids grow up healthy and honoring our military families.  Some days, she’ll fly halfway across the country and still be back in time to see the girls when they come home from school.  But she does it because it’s what she loves – and she just wants to make a difference for other people.

Barack’s the same way.  His schedule is even more demanding.  He’s meeting with Senators and cabinet secretaries and generals and everyday heroes every single day.  And that’s why I’m so impressed how, almost every evening, he still manages to come home and just be Dad for a while at the dinner table.  He’ll talk to the girls about their days, strategize about those schoolhouse friendships, and answer all their questions.

Then, after they’ve gone to sleep, he goes back to work, always making time to read a few letters from folks all across the country – the moms and dads who will do anything to give their kids a better life; the families fighting to get the health care coverage they need from their insurance companies; the factory workers going back to school for new career training; the veterans who served our country so bravely, and now just want a fair shot at a good job.

These are the folks who keep him going.  He cares so deeply about doing whatever he can to make life better for other people.  He’s always been that way – and that’s a big part of the reason he won over Michelle in the first place.  She saw the strength of his character and his determination not just to accept the world as it is, but to envision the world as it could be – and do his part to make it better. That’s been the driving force of his life as I’ve seen him grow from a young man to a State Senator, even to the president of the United States.  And I know that right now, as we get closer to Election Day, he’s thinking about all the folks he’s met along the way.

He’s working for an economy that works for everybody, not just the folks at the top.  He wants every kid in this country to go to good schools and be able to afford college.  When they graduate, he wants them to be able to get a good job that they can raise a family on, and someday, retire with the dignity and security they’ve earned.

That’s why he’s staying up late going through those briefings and reading those letters.  That’s why he’s waking up early for every single morning and staying up late every night.  And that’s why, as long he has the privilege of serving as our president, he’s going to keep working his heart out to move this country forward.

And because he’s working so hard, I know that those of us who believe what he believes have got to do our part as well.

That starts with voting. It’s our most important duty as citizens.  Voting is easy and convenient, so take a quick second to think through your plan for voting this year.  Are you going to go before work or on your lunch hour?  If early voting is available in your state, will you stop by an early voting location tomorrow after work?  Where’s your polling place?

I’ve always been inspired that his campaigns have been about ordinary folks talking to their friends and neighbors about the issues.  It’s about all of us doing our part.  This election is too important for any of us to sit on the sidelines.

So right up until November 6th, we’ve got to work our hearts out to help make this country better for our kids and grandkids.  That’s what I’ve seen Barack and Michelle do every day as president and first lady.  And that’s what folks like us have always done to move our country forward.

The Grio

President Obama’s Plan for a 2nd Term

Obama has a plan…outlined in a 20 page booklet…building on what he said he would do and has done. In a 2nd term, I look forward to a growth period for Americans much like during the 1940s, 50s and 60s where education, jobs, homes and a quality lifestyle was available to the majority. Cutting back on defense spending, while making the rich and corporations pay taxes will pay for it.

Know that today’s Republican Party is not the party of your grandparents. This is an extreme party much like a crime syndicate that is so far right and supports only the wealthy. It is up to us to vote out Republicans who are against this plan so we can move forward for ALL Americans…not just 1% of us.

This is how Franklin D. Roosevelt got us out of the Great Depression and on the road to recovery with his New Deal. “The New Deal was a series of economic programs enacted in the United States between 1933 and 1936. They involved presidential executive orders or laws passed by Congress during the first term of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The programs were in response to the Great Depression, and focused on what historians call the “3 Rs”: Relief, Recovery, and Reform. That is, Relief for the unemployed and poor; Recovery of the economy to normal levels; and Reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression.”

This is essentially what Obama’s plan is. The choice is clear: a fiscally conservative and sound plan to put America back on its feet…or the wrong and reckless plan (what plan?) of Romney that is nothing more than Bush II on steroids.

Obama’s 20-page booklet outlining his jobs plan
The booklet covers: Economy, Manufacturing, Energy, Small Businesses, Education, Tax Plan, Health Care, Retirement and Moving America Forward