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President Obama Ushering In World Peace, Corporate Media Shrugs


President Obama Ushering In World Peace, Corporate Media Shrugs
by Bob Cesca

This is a big deal:

Geneva — Iran and six world powers reached a breakthrough agreement early on Sunday to curb Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for limited sanctions relief, in a first step towards resolving a dangerous decade-old standoff.

The deal between the Islamic state and the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia was nailed down after more than four days of negotiations.

The White House Fact Sheet reads like the foreign policy triumph for the ages that it is.

When reached for comment, Republicans, bona fide warmongers and their useful idiots in the eye-rolling mainstream press determined that this is already just another failure of leadership and desperation by a lame-duck president still trying to distance himself from his only real achievement: Landmark healthcare insurance reform– which has since been forever and ever deemed a colossal failure because the American media, still obsessed with pretending that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush weren’t paranoid, smiling psychopathic mass-murderers and race-baiters-at-heart say so.

Republican leaders all but declared “The American people deserve the highest standards in fake, saber-rattling leadership and clandestine bloodshed and this sort of tangible progress and success is not what the American people and mainstream press are accustomed to!”

After decades of aiding and abetting Republican policies that made trading arms for hostages to fund Right wing death squads in Central America an act of free-market peacekeeping, or propping up a brutal dictator in Saddam Hussein with all manner of chemical weapons to kill millions of Iranians and Iraqis and calling it “leadership,” to all non-sadists and peace-lovers alike, this is another ‘big fucking deal’ for an administration that keeps on making history, while the aristocrat choir sings songs of division and manufactured dissent.

For the sake of downplaying this administration’s direct role in all this, corporate media headlines today might read: “Victory For World Powers.”

But make no mistake. This is another win and another huge “first” in a long line of firsts for the Obama administration which just keeps moving us forward despite the nagging fat asses of soft-racism slowing us up to complain the whole way about the alleged lies and tyrannical policies that brought them better health insurance, record DOW and S&P, reduced deficit, stable gas prices, less nukes, financial sector accountability, saved the U.S. auto industry, blah, blah, blah.

The president earned every bit of his Nobel Peace Prize this weekend, which should drive his buffoonish critics to new lows to explain away his mastery of presidential politics on the world stage.

You’ve never seen anything like this before, America. ‘Hope and Change’ are alive and well, despite the best efforts of saboteurs and the cynics to see it destroyed.

This is exactly why we elected Barack Obama.


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Children of Newtown CT…We will never forget you

Painful as this is, I want to look at each child’s face and try my best to remember their names. How many can remember action movie stars names who act in violent movies? Something is wrong with us too if we can remember these actors names over children who were massacred. And let us remember the young black men assassinated over the years throughout US history. They are somebody’s children too.

The Militant Negro™

Here are a few more reasons Americans must have no legal Constitutional rights to handguns and assault weapons:



Daniel Barden

Victims of Sandy Hook Shooting
James Mattioli

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You Are Not Alone, Newtown CT

President Obama spoke in Newtown CT yesterday saying this was the most difficult time of his Presidency, referencing the massacre of 20 children (plus 7 adults) in that city. I think this time something will be done about gun control. Senator Feinstein said she will introduce a gun control bill first thing when Congress reconvenes.
Here are several related articles that give insight:
Time to profile white men?
As the article mentions, profiling anyone does not work as a security measure and is monsterish. Blacks and hispanics have been profiled relentlessly over the years, but never whites. The discussion of white males being the main perpetrators of these mass shootings needs to happen. It will shame and place focus on a group that has operated in a privileged manner above the law for far too long. It will change the dynamics in these homes that breed these monsters. This one thing will do much to stop racism in this country.
The 5 Deadliest Guns You Can Buy Online — Legally
Ex-babysitter says Newtown, Conn. school shooter Adam Lanza’s mother warned: Don’t turn your back
What mother risks the life of a babysitter, lives in fear of her child she cannot control and does not seek help? This is another cancer on this society that needs to be dealt with.



Cherish the Children

These images mean a lot to me as I recall reading stories to my children over 40 years ago. I lived in Los Angeles, CA at the time where gangs and gun violence was common. I recall coming home one day from work and SWAT had blocked off my street because a gunman was holed up in my next door neighbor’s home and they needed to get him out. That was 1973. I left Los Angeles in 1983 and have never looked back. But it seems there is nowhere safe in this country anymore.

Our children deserve a safe place to live. Young black men deserve a safe place to live. Citizens of America deserve a safe place to live.

Via The Obama Diary

First Lady Michelle Obama reads a Christmas story as her dog Bo sits on her lap and 5-year-old AJ Murray (L), and 5-year-old Jordyn Akyoko sit nearby at Children’s National Medical Center on December 14.



Security :: Surf the web in privacy

Okay, I’m done with the slow browsing, PC crashes, frozen screens and worrying about security. Comodo Dragon is the way to go. No more Chrome (Google)  or Internet Explorer for me. Since I installed this free program yesterday, I am FLYING! 



Via Ray Alex Web…

I have tested many of the “Browser versions” of “Firefox” for  awhile now. Who beats them all?  Comodo IceDragon, and I must say among all the other Firefox-based web browsers, builds like Pale Moon, (the most simple build of Firefox) WaterfoxWyzo, orIceweasel etc. This one is actually really good and not only good its a very nice GUI and handles everything with ease, and its SUPER FAST. As most people know todayMozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, so anyone can take its source code and modify it. Various projects have taken Firefox and released their own versions, either to optimize it, add new features, or align it with their philosophy. These projects all have to release the source code to their browsers and can’t call them Firefox or use official Mozilla branding, such as the Firefox logo. But here is the Comodo IceDragon:

As the number of internet threats increases, users are faced with choosing a browser which fits both their security needs and meets their particular browsing necessities. And here in an attempt to meet the different requirements of users Comodo we’re happy to announce the release of the new Comodo IceDragon 14 browser!!! The browser is built on the Mozilla browser core and combines the basic functionality of the original code with the Comodo security features. And it works very well.

As its build number suggests, Comodo IceDragon 14.0 is based on the latest stablebuild — 14.0.1 — of Firefox. What it offers are similar multi-layered security features to that found in Comodo Dragon. That means you can opt for secure DNS settings to help avoid accessing malicious websites (a by-product is also the potential for faster page-loading times).

There’s also the Site Inspector, which can be used to further investigate the legitimacy (or otherwise) of any site you visit, plus a non-security feature in a built-in tool for quickly sharing a page with your social networks.

Version 14.0 introduces a new option for enabling the Comodo Secure DNS feature in IceDragon only. It also integrates Cert Sentry, a new security feature introduced by Comodo as part of its push to improve certificate revocation checking in response to high-profile malware attacks on digital online certificates. There are some user-interface tweaks too in this latest build the Close Tab button has been enlarged, and the background color for inactive tabs has also been changed to improve visibility. It also promises some bug fixes involving internal updating and the interface, and now boasts better compatibility with existing Firefox themes.

Comodo IceDragon 14.0 is a freeware download for Windows XP or later only. To be really honest, it do provides “some” extra security. But mainly IceDragon concentrates on delivering more performance rather than that extra security.

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Turning the light on brightly for you…