March Astro Forecast…we’ve never been here before!

If you have any interest in astro forecasting, Carl Boudreau is the best. He is sensitive to the viewer, yet holds nothing back. For those new to the terminology, go to the last one-fourth of the video to hear the gist of it. We are definitely in a shift…and we’ve never been here before. Areas of community and ideas are good, with an underlying energy bringing chaos to spiritual values and what we are used to. The focus goes from the big picture to the tiny details. Nothing will ever be the same again. Get used to it.
Major shift days: March 1 and 27, and June.
As always, take nothing personal and enjoy the ride.

If you would prefer Carl’s text analysis, go here…

What Does it All Mean, Briefly?

March is a turning point in our efforts to restore and reform our much troubled world. It marks the beginning of a smoother path forward, astrologically and otherwise. But it also marks a point of transition into a time of increased spiritual striving and growth.

This ‘new,’ spiritualizing force in human affairs will act as a wild card. With human psychology and human motivation undergoing such a powerful transformation at such a fundamental level at such a crucial, momentous point in our history, we simply cannot expect things to go as they have before. Expect the unexpected, as you never have before.

Carl’s blog site is located at


Your thoughts?

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