American Monsters


By Tracy Knauss

DEMOCRACY’S JUDAS, SEN. TED CRUZ — How’s that Republican “outreach” program to women, minorities and gays going? Not so well. Red state legislatures continue to deny women’s reproductive rights. And Republican Supreme Court justices just gutted the Voting Rights Act placing new obstacles in the path to the voting booth. And now Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is doing his best to kill any progress made by the RNC to extend the hand of fellowship to non-Republicans. Cruz, unapologetically extols the virtues of Jesse Helms, one of the most bigoted, racist elected officials in modern history. Helms, upon seeing the first black woman senator, began whistling “Dixie”, telling his consort he was going to continue until she cried. Speaking at a fund raiser hosted by the Heritage Foundation, Cruz declared, “We need 100 more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate.” Helms led a 16-day filibuster to prevent approval of the MLK federal holiday. And he vehemently opposed civil rights, voting rights, gay rights and women’s reproductive rights. He even opposed AIDS research and treatment programs. Senator Cruz, who’s running for president in 2016, is committed to the same causes as Helms. And like Helms, Cruz strives to “purify” the Republican party, purging it of moderates. Anyone interested in the future of our nation should keep an eye on Senator Ted Cruz because he represents the antithesis of a dedicated public servant. Share this with your friends because Cruz represents the worst of America’s ugly underbelly. A person who wants to be president to spread hate and fear for his personal gain. A monster in the purist Helms tradition.


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